Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Where a class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home, schools are expected to have the capacity to offer immediate remote education. Schools need to consider how to continue to improve the quality of their existing offer and have a strong contingency plan in place for remote education provision. This planning will be particularly important to support a scenario in which the logistical challenges of remote provision are greatest, for example where large numbers of pupils are required to remain at home.

The principles below will be put into place for both whole school / local lockdown and partial isolation of groups or small numbers of children when school is still open.

Remote learning at Croft Primary School will consist of high-quality, sequential teaching and learning. Knowledge and skills are built incrementally, with clarity about what is intended to be taught and practised in each subject. It will allow for daily meaningful interaction between adults and children, which provides not only ambitious learning but also effective assessment and feedback through Microsoft TEAMS and Seesaw learning platform. Our school is committed to offer as high a standard of learning remotely as would be offered in school.

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Remote Learning Policy

Recovery Curriculum

‘Schools are so much more than places which provide education – they are about people.  Our schools are communities; we embody values; we model relationships required for modern life to function:  collaboration, getting on with others, friendship.’ 

The school’s initial approach to recovery post-lockdown was to support pupils back into formal education (and curriculum). Pupils’ social, emotional, mental health and well-being continues to be a fundamental driver. Now that formal education has resumed, there is a necessity to ensure that the school is clear about how to learn best with what to learn.

This Covid-19 recovery curriculum policy aims to:

  • Outline the school’s current Covid-19 recovery curriculum rationale for learning
  • Provide guidelines and expectations for what is to be taught for staff, parents and carers and pupils

Please click on the link for our Covid-19 Recovery Curriculum Policy