Our school follows the Leeds & York Diocesan Syllabus which draws on and is fully compatible with the Understanding Christianity materials. Religious Education has the status of a core subject within our school.

As a Church of England School, our main emphasis is teaching about the Christian tradition. We do, however, teach about other major world faiths alongside non-religious world views. We have chosen to study Judaism, Sikhism and Islam at KS2. At KS1 pupils explore the traditions of Judaism and Islam. In Early Years, pupils follow the recommended units from the Leeds and York Diocesan Agreed Syllabus alongside the ‘Puddles and Freddie’ series.

We believe that Religious Education both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of school life. Our caring ethos and the values which we place on the development of the whole child: spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and intellectually is reflected in our RE curriculum.

The principal aim of our RE curriculum is to enable pupils of whatever ability and level of development to hold balanced and informed conversations about religion and belief.

We aim to help pupils encounter core concepts in religions and beliefs in a coherent way, developing their understanding and their ability to hold balanced and informed conversations and to ask inquisitive, exploratory questions about religions and beliefs. Links with our key Christian values (compassion, friendship, endurance, peace, happiness, koinonia and reverence) are key to our RE curriculum and we believe they have a significant impact on our learners.

Our curriculum is underpinned by three core elements, which are woven together to provide breadth and balance within teaching and learning about religions and beliefs: Making sense of beliefs/the text, understanding the impact and making connections.

The Subject Leader for RE is Mr Jack Conway.

Religious Education Teaching and Learning Policy 2021

RE whole school long term plan


Long Term Plans for R.E


RouteAutumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
A/BRev Freddie Fisher –vestments and the Churches year. Harvest, Advent, Christmas

A Wet and Windy Harvest for Puddles – Festivals, Food, Autumn, Colours

Puddles and the Christmas Play– Winter,Seasons, Celebrations, Christmas, Light

Rev Freddie Fisher –vestments and the Churches year. Lent, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost
Puddles and the Happy Easter Day – Spring, New Life, Beginnings, Baby Animals
Puddles Lends a Paw People who help us, helping others

A Wedding Day Wish for Puddles – Weddings, Friendships, Homes and Families



Creation and Thanksgiving


Christmas Story

A Hindu Family

Easter – A time for celebration and joy

Questions that puzzle us

Celebrating: who celebrates what and why

How do we show we care?


Christmas Gifts

Special meals Easter and PassoverSpecial Stories for Christians and Muslims

Holy Places: What can we learn from visiting a religious building?

Does a beautiful world mean there is a wonderful God?


Advent and Christmas around the world

How and why do  Hindus, Muslims and Christians see life like a journey?

Four Momentous Days – The First Easter

The Bible


What makes Jesus and inspiration to some people?

A Celebration – the Christmas Story

How and why do Jews worship at home?

The Church’s Year: a focus on Lent and Easte

Why do people love their sacred places?
What will make our community more tolerant and respectful?

A Christmas Journey.

The Hindu tradition.

What do Christians believe about Jesus’ resurrection?

Where did the Christian Bible come from?

Values: What matters most?

How do people express their faith through the arts

Sacred journeys and pilgrimages.

Christmas – why are sacred texts important?

Easter – a promise of life after death.

Christian Aid and Islamic Relief: Can they change the world?

Why are there over 50 mosques in North Yorkshire?