Physical Education and Croft school aims to give children the opportunity to experience a multitude of physical activities and sports in line with the National Curriculum. Competitive sport is encouraged and is fulfilled through fixtures against local schools via our association with Richmond School, the Swaledale Alliance and our own school collaboration. These experiences provide opportunities for pupils to develop skills such as: sportsmanship; resilience; perseverance and confidence, all of which are reinforced through in school PE sessions.

Through a minimum of 2 hours of activity a week in the curriculum, children experience six aspects of PE: gymnastics, movement/dance, athletics, swimming, games and outdoor activities. In Key Stage One, the children are taught the fundamental skills that will give them a platform to build on in the future. Activities include: dance; gymnastics and multi skills. These activities aim to teach the children basic movements including balance and co-ordination. Opportunities to work together in team games are given regularly, both as part of the curriculum and through after school and lunch time sport clubs. In Key Stage Two, children build on these skills and become more engaged in competitive sports. Opportunities to play competitive sport are available on a consistent basis and lunchtime and after school clubs are available in preparation for these fixtures. As well as improving skill levels in sporting activities, the children learn to analyse their own performance and create next steps for improvement. These are then built upon through structured PE sessions form school staff and external coaches.

The Subject Leader for PE is Mrs Jade Jackson.

Please see our PE Policy for full details.

Long Term PE Plan

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