Global Dimension

Croft Church of England Primary School recognises that the Global Dimension is an essential part of every pupil’s education and that the teaching of the Global Dimension at school fully supports the school’s aims.

Croft Church of England Primary School believes that incorporating the Global Dimension into the curriculum will ensure that pupils develop their awareness of Global Citizenship which “goes beyond simply knowing that we are citizens of the globe to an acknowledgement of our responsibilities both to each other and to the Earth itself.

Global Citizenship is about understanding the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and having the desire and ability to work actively to do so. It is about valuing the Earth as precious and unique, and safeguarding the future for those who come after us. Global Citizenship is a way of thinking and behaving. It is an outlook on life, a belief that we can make a difference”.

(From Global Citizenship: the handbook for Primary teaching – Oxfam)

We wish to provide our pupils with the information and skills needed to become aware of the links between the local and the global, and enable them to become active global citizens. This will involve challenging and supporting all our pupils to become critical thinkers, to develop independent learning skills, to learn about their rights and accept responsibilities. This policy will be an integral part of our school life.

The Subject Leader for Global Dimension is Mrs Nicola Linsel

Please see our Global Dimension Policy for full details