School Day

Children should not arrive at school unaccompanied before 8.50am. The children’s entrances (Early Years and school) are open from 8.50am and children may enter school from that time. A member of staff is on duty in the school playground from 8.50am. Registration is at 9.00am. Any children arriving after 9.00am must report to the main entrance.

Parents collecting nursery children at the end of the morning session may do so from 11.50am from the front entrance of the Early Years Unit. Children arriving for the afternoon nursery session will enter the Early Years unit by the front entrance. The session starts at 12.00noon and finishes at 3.00pm. There is an option to stay until 3.30pm when the rest of school ends.
School ends for all children at 3.30pm.

There is a short break of 15 minutes each morning and around 20 minutes is spent in Collective Worship. The hours spent in teaching for all children are 24 hours 35 minutes per week. The school is open for 32.5 hours per week.

Alternative arrangements are in place for children in Nursery and Reception.
Croft Out of School Club is open between 8.00 am and 9.00 am, and 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm every day, and all day during some school holidays.


On very rare occasions it is sometimes necessary to close the school at short notice and not as part of a listed school break. This might occur as a result of power failure, loss of heating, absence of water or of a natural emergency such as infectious epidemic, flooding or very heavy snow preventing teaching, support staff and children from attending.

The decision to close the school under such circumstances is a very serious one involving discussion with Governors, L.A. Representatives, Police or the Senior Medical Officers. We will normally try to contact parents through a text messaging service. This works only through parents giving us current emergency contact numbers should they be working through the day. If a parent wishes they may nominate a relative or a friend to take charge of their child in the event of an unavoidable closure. The same system is in operation should a child become ill during the school day.

So that parents are aware of our intentions to return to school a notice will be pinned to the main entrance door and a message giving the latest information placed on the school answer phone system and school website. Alternatively, messages will be given out on BBC Radio York Information and Snowdesk Information Services and those of Radio Cleveland. These frequencies are 103 – 4 MHz and 95.0 MHz F.M. respectively.

Parents should be assured that we will not permit any child to leave the premises without having made contact with parents or their nominated contact.